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Our Clients Matter!

We try to show our clients how much they matter. It’s a full-time priority for us because our clients do matter. They’re the reason we are here, and they’re also awesome people who we love to help.

You may have personal experience with our unique brand of client appreciation. That principle has been the foundation of our Lunch and Learn programs for a while now, and it’s held true throughout. We’re always amazed by the passion — and the questions — you bring to these brief lunch presentations. It goes to show that our clients are some of the most talented and invested people in the industry anywhere.

Despite the pandemic, we plan to continue these talks in the future. I know many people aren’t comfortable gathering in person, and for that reason, we’re going to broadcast them remotely as well as have the option to gather safely. Don’t worry about missing out on the lunch, either; we’ll have your food delivered so you’re really a part of the whole deal!

We here at Dri Tech appreciate everything you bring to the table. Clients like you make us want to do our jobs as best we can, and your thought-provoking questions and unique needs are what help drive the whole industry forward. When we find a new product or way of doing things, there’s almost always a specific client need behind it. Even if there isn’t, we’ve always got a client or two in mind who we know will stand to benefit.

That’s what we’re here to do after all: benefit the client.

Blaine DeBrouwer

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