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It Pays to Be Prepared

If there’s anything to take away from the events going on in the world right now, it’s that it always pays to be prepared to the best of your abilities. You may not be able to predict anything with absolute certainty, but that’s what preparation is for: combating those things you can’t predict. In Las Vegas, there’s no better example of a time to be prepared than when it comes to securing your roof before the oncoming monsoon season.

Las Vegas gets rain during two distinct times of the year: just before summer and just before winter. These heavy rains are called monsoons instead of storms because of the sheer volume of rain that pours down in such a short period of time. Compared to cities like Seattle or Portland, which get a consistent misting of rain throughout the year, Las Vegas gets more of massive dump of water at very specific times. But no matter its form, water can be deadly to the integrity of a building.

Monsoons do a great job of exposing the slightest imperfections in structure and maintenance because if there’s a way for water to seep in, you can bet the rain will find it. The problem is that the onset of a monsoon happens so rapidly that once it falls on you, there’s no time to react or prepare. You just have to wait it out and repair whatever damage it causes after the fact. That’s why it’s so critical to prepare before that moment arrives.

If you see a small stain on one of your ceiling tiles, you might not think much of it now. But come monsoon season, that tile will be completely saturated with water and will likely fall to the floor, leaving a hole behind for more water to come in. If you have a crack in your plumbing line from a roof drain, it could cause a major breakage and flooding throughout your building. These are prime examples of “small” issues that are made big when heavy rain hits and your roof isn’t ready for it.

However, you can be proactive against these potential disasters, and now is the perfect time. Just as you would make sure your air conditioning is running properly and has a new filter before the scorching summer season arrives, it makes the most sense to do your preventive maintenance on your roof before monsoon season hits. Dri Tech Corp can do a thorough analysis to make sure your roof is ready to handle a large volume of pounding rain. We’ll perform an inspection focusing on membrane splits, tenant damage, and cracked caulking and even perform a water test ensuring that your drains are free from debris to avoid a possible roof collapse.

After 23 years of working in the commercial roofing business in Las Vegas, we’re finally seeing people get proactive about their roof care and maintenance. Building owners have seen an upswing in the occupancy of their properties that allows them to put more thought and money into building maintenance. Property managers who arrange for maintenance look very professional in the eyes of their owners because they’ve managed to steer tenants away from tragedy before it ever happens. It’s a win-win for everyone.

When it comes to being as prepared for monsoon season as possible, remember this: The cost of Preventative Maintenance is always significantly lower than the cost for repairing interior damage, lost rent fees, and damaged tenant relationships. So give Dri Tech Corp a call because we’ll find you the most cost-efficient way to protect your property and everyone in it from the rain that’s coming our way.

Blaine DeBrouwer

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