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Servicing Customers 24/7

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As our service manager, Jared works directly with the client from project inception to completion. “Dri Tech has been customer-focused for over 50 years, from start to finish - 24/7” that is why he knows Dri Tech is different from the competition. This customer-first focus and the team's commitment and competency have positioned the company as a leader in the commercial roofing industry. Jared’s love for solving problems for unique challenges daily keeps him coming to work day after day. Tasks that others shy away from because of intricacy or difficulty, Jared is excited by - he loves doing the jobs that no one likes to do because through these challenges he is able to overcome them and gain the necessary experience to share with the Dri Tech team on future projects. It is in working with the Dri Tech team that inspires Jared - he shows up every day because he gets to work in the best environment with the “most amazing and supportive team.”

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