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New Additions to Our City

Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, but that’s not just because the Strip (almost) never closes. There are always exciting new additions in our city that residents can look forward to exploring. Here are three major projects currently under construction that you should mark on your calendars.


At the UnCommons residential and lifestyle complex in the West Valley, restaurant owners, chefs, and entrepreneurs are building an exciting culinary experience. Set to open in the first quarter of 2021, Platform One will bring together 19 different culinary concepts and a bar under one roof as a catchall dining hall for those who want variety without compromising quality. Construction and deals are still being finalized, but the ultimate goals are to give some of Las Vegas’ top unsung chefs an arena where they can finally shine and residents easy access to incredible food.


No one is unaware of the buzz surrounding the new home of the Raiders, and few haven’t already laid eyes on the stadium as they drive down Interstate 15. Construction on the sleek football stadium began in 2017 and was slated to be done in time for the 2020 season, but with the postponement of the season, the construction team is using the extra time to slow down and really do things right. The stadium, which will hold 65,000 spectators, has a retractable natural turf field and features a translucent polymer roof. The site will also accommodate all the tailgating amenities fans could want.


This one may not go onto your 2021 calendar — or even your 2022 calendar — but it’s still an upcoming spectacle to get excited about. The video game company Atari, responsible for games like Pong, Asteroids, and Centipede, will open a series of hotels across the country. Phoenix will be the first to experience it, but Las Vegas is high on their list. The hotel will feature virtual and augmented reality concepts and will include venues and studios for e-sports events. The construction start date is still unknown, but it’s expected to be one of the most high-profile projects in Las Vegas in the years to come.

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