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We are proud to have played

a part in the construction of

the new Kenworth facility

in North Las Vegas for one

of our premier contractors,

Boyd Martin Construction. We’re calling it

one of our signature projects because it’s

such an exciting demonstration of what

Dri Tech Corp is all about and what we’re

capable of doing for our clients.

When specialty projects (outside the typical

distribution centers) are built, we’re able to

partner with the builder in a way that allows

us to provide multiple scopes on a single

job site, including:

• Insulated Metal Wall Panel Systems

• Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

• Single Ply Roof Systems

• ACM Wall Panels

• Associated Sheet Metal

We strive to perform these multiple scopes

for our clients for a variety of reasons:

1. To Save Time

Just a few days of

delay on a project can have a huge

ripple effect on the original agreed-upon

timetable because it prevents other trades

from being able to start or finish their

work. By not having to delay while we

wait for other scopes to be performed by

other companies, we keep everything on a

schedule that we manage ourselves.

2. To Communicate Better


though the team that works on each

project is large, we always create a single

point of contact as the go-to resource

to the very end. This way there are no

middlemen muddying up processes, and no

questions about who is expected to do what

at any time.

3. To Save Money


more types of work on a single

project allows Dri Tech to reduce their

margins, as they have fewer administrative

and managerial costs. We recognize the

multiple places money can be saved, and do

everything we can to utilize them.

4. To Control Quality

A single

subcontractor can have multiple

crews all working together to produce a

better finished product when each of those

crews are working on a separate scope as

part of a larger, overall project.

5. To Improve Safety

Being able to

manage and enforce a single jobsite

safety plan without the obstruction of other

trades who adhere to different guidelines

allows us to maintain the highest safety

standards for both our own team and those

we’re building for.

The new Kenworth building is just one of

many exciting examples of how our offered

scopes benefit not just Dri Tech Corp but

the clients we serve. Time and time again,

our pride comes from building a structure

that you can be proud of.

–Blaine DeBrouwer

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